Thermal Seals


Aerospace and Engine Applications

Jackson Bond Enterprises manufactures thermal seals for high temperature environments.

In today’s engines, rockets, and space vehicles, blocking hot gas flow is critical. As temperatures rise beyond the capabilities of elastomeric seals, the job becomes more difficult. Metallic seals also have temperature limitations and do not tolerate significant surface irregularities.

Jackson-Bond-Thermal-Seals-ContentJBE’s thermal seals are designed to function where temperatures are too high for traditional sealing materials. Made from high temperature ceramic fibers, either alone or in conjunction with metallic spring elements and alloy wire over-braids, our seals provide state-of-the-art flow blocking capabilities. There are no handbooks for this type of material. We evaluate each application on a case-by-case basis and design our seals to meet our customers’ needs.

JBE is a proud supplier for the Orion space vehicle.

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Photo Credit: NASA