Flexible Thermal Protection Systems


For Aerospace, Engines, and More

Jackson Bond Enterprises manufactures flexible thermal protection systems that protect key components from the high temperature environments in which they operate. JBE has developed systems for engines, re-entry vehicles, high temperature manufacturing, and furnaces. Our thermal protection systems are composed of a number of insulating materials, ceramic fibers, and gas barriers.

Hypersonic Inflatable Aerodynamic Decelerators

Jackson-Bond-Flexible-Thermal-Protection-Systems-ContentJBE has been supporting NASA’s technological advances by fabricating thermal protection systems in several sizes and material combinations. In 2011, a flexible thermal protection skirt made by JBE was tested at NASA’s atmospheric reentry materials and structures evaluation facility. A 3 meter article completed wind tunnel tests at the NASA Ames facility in September 2012 and most recently, we delivered a 6 meter article that was installed on an inflatable and successfully tested. Future designs feature new materials capable of performing at even higher temperatures.

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