Braided Cord & Sleeving


Strength and Flexibility at High Temperatures

Jackson Bond Enterprises makes braided cord and sleeving from Carbon, SiC, Nextel™ fibers, and other high temperature material. We can tailor the braid properties and diameter to meet the needs of your application.

Carbon Cord

Typically braided from 3K tow (3,000 filaments) into cords ranging from 12K – 36K, this material can be used to tie or lash insulating felts and other materials in high temperature inert atmospheres or to reinforce carbon composites.

Carbon and Ceramic Multilayer Braided Cord

Fabricated by braiding layer over layer in specific configurations, these braided materials are exceptionally flexible and suitable for long term use at high temperatures. They can be used as flow blockers, protection for vulnerable O-rings, and many other high temperature applications.

Carbon and Ceramic Sleeving

Sleeving is a term used to describe hollow tubular braids that have the ability to expand in diameter by shrinking in overall length, exhibiting a “finger trap” action. These materials can be used alone as protective sleeving or in combination with other components as a thermal seal. While some sleeving is available off-the shelf, JBE offers customization to exact customer requirements.

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