Sewing, Cutting & Winding


Aerospace Textile Engineering

Jackson Bond Enterprises is pioneering the field of high temperature textiles. Our team has developed sewing, cutting, and winding techniques that allow us to fabricate state of the art flexible thermal protection systems, thermal seals, and other products for high temperature applications.


Jackson-Bond-Sewing1-ContentUsing the right seam type, stitch pattern, and sewing machine are critical to producing a quality product. At Jackson Bond Enterprises, we have developed sewing methods that allow us to manufacture high temperature textiles with improved strength characteristics. We have a wide variety of sewing machines ranging from basic household units to industrial class machines. JBE also has long arm and up the arm sewing machines. These sewing machines enable us to use a wide variety of techniques to fabricate our products.

Fabric Cutting

Jackson-Bond-Fabric-Cutting-ContentJBE can consistently and accurately auto-cut a wide variety of materials including high temperature fabrics and insulating materials. We use a computer controlled high-speed cutting system with a 6’ x 48’ cutting area. Virtually any shape can be programmed and cut.



Jackson Bond SewingJBE winds carbon and ceramic yarns. We also develop our own sewing threads that are not commercially available. We evaluate each application on a case by case basis and design our thread to meet the needs of our customers.


For more information about our custom sewing, cutting and winding, please contact us.