JBE has a new building!

Posted by on Feb 24, 2015 in News

JBE has a new building!

Jackson Bond Enterprises is pleased to announce that we have leased a new building and have recently completed the move-in process. We are excited to be in our new facility and we wanted to share the news.

Our new facility, located at 39 Industrial Park Drive in Dover NH, has 21,000 square feet of usable space, with manufacturing floor space divided into 3 bays. The center bay is a 40 ft. wide high-bay with 35 ft. ceiling clearance and features two, 15 ton bridge cranes. The building also includes two, 3 ton bridge cranes in one of the two adjacent bays.

The new manufacturing facility gives JBE much needed space to expand our braiding, sewing, and cutting operations.  Additionally, we have added a dedicated cell for materials testing.  The overhead cranes, high ceilings, and wide bays enable us to fabricate large scale articles like our flexible thermal protection systems.  That means JBE can continue supporting scale-up of NASA’s HIAD program, a key technology in the path to landing larger payloads and eventually humans on Mars.

With our eyes focused on development and expansion, we made some improvements to the building prior to moving in, to put it on the path to becoming a premier, state of the art, manufacturing facility. The first step was putting in all new energy efficient lighting throughout the manufacturing floor. This lighting, while not only being an energy efficient option, provides JBE with premier lighting for a productive manufacturing space. In addition, we brought in ISC Coatings, Inc. out of Gorham Maine, to put down an ECO Epoxy floor coating that makes the manufacturing floor itself durable, seamless, and attractive all while making facilities maintenance fast and easy.

There are many additional improvements in the pipeline for our new space as we continue to modernize our business and expand our capabilities. All of us at JBE are excited about the new building and the opportunities it provides for our growing company.

Check out our capabilities and contact JBE for all your innovative manufacturing and engineering needs today.

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